Limited-Time Offer!

Register your college Wiserball team and win $500 cash plus a set of wiserball worth $60. Your team will also receive a free one-hour training by the USAWSC staff within one month from the day of registration, plus opportunities to participate in state, national, and international tournaments.  

This offer will end at end of October, 2013; so hurry up!

In order to claim this prize, you need is to organize a Wiserball team on campus and register with USAWSC. You need to have seven students from the school in order to form a team. A student must have effective student ID for the school year 2013-2014 in order to qualify. You need to provide each teammate's name, school ID, age, gender, cell phone number and email address. In addition to the above, your will need to provide a practice schedule with a minimum of one practice per month or total practice time of no shorter than 3 hours each month, through June of 2014. You need to log your practice session online in order to keep the records with us. You agree to provide proof of practice, or receive impromptu checks by members of USAWSC to verify your hours of practice.
The prize money will be handed to you in three installments: $150 at the time of USAWSC approving your team's registration, which should take place within one week if all information is complete and correct; $150 in March if all scheduled practices are maintained, and $200 in June if all scheduled practices are kept till then.
If your team is unable to keep up with the training schedule, then you can still claim the prize after you have made up the practice time. Make-up hours have to be completed before end of June, 2014 in order to qualify for claiming the remainder of the prize money.
To register, click the button:  
Register Your College Team